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The establishment of a ceramic tile making plant can do much toward aiding the economic development of a country. Roof tile making machine.

the plant Plan Layout of Roof tile making machinery
Main information of the whole plant for reference
Capability 500-625m2/hour
Yearly output 2400000-3000000m2  (8 hours/shift, 2 working shift/ day, calculated based on 300days/year)
Dimension of the whole plant 200m*80m*15m   (length * width *height)
Dimension of the kiln: 294*2.35*10 (length * Inner width * height?
the height of the kiln 10m.
The height of the raw material preparation 15m
Total ration power of the whole plant 450kw(hereinto 80-90 kw will be used for kiln ? hours/shift, 3 working shift/ day, calculated based on 360days/yesr))
Fuel recommended nature gas

We(CLIMA) can provide a complete set of equipment needed to establish a new plant. Clima also provide a wide range of services, including planning, installing, testing, training, supervising the production line to normal operation…etc. All the high quality equipment and these services offered by Clima will bring investors the best returns from the investment.

Roof tile making machine.

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