CLIMA Roof Tile
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Equipment List of Roof Tile Making Machinery

Tile Making Machine Equipment list
1.Batching And Feeding Department
Feeding unit Belt Conveyor Two-way Belt Conveyor
2.Grinding Department
Ball mill Ball Mill Inner Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump Stirrer Vibrating Sieve
3.Body Preparation Department
Servo Tank ( 5m 3 ) Plunger Pump Spray Dryer ( 25 00) V-Belt Conveyor B-Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor Vibrating Sieve Magnetic Filter Powder Silos  
4.Dryer & Biscuit Firing Department
Connection Line Dryer Loading machine Biscuit Firing Kiln Unloading Machine  
5.Glaze Preparation Department
SCS-1 Scale Stainless steel Slip Tank Vibrating sieve Ball mill Ball mill inner cover
Wet Type Magnetic Filter Pneumatic Diagraphm Pump
6.Glazing Department
Glazing Line Medi-compensator Bell Glazing f 660 Printing Machine(Belt Type)
7.Firing Department
Kiln Loading Machine Glost Firing Roller Kiln Kiln Unloading Machine Roller cleaning machine