CLIMA Roof Tile
             Production Line

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Glazing Line of Roof Tile Making Machine

It can be used to carry out large scale production of glaze tile. It consists of the supports (730mm wide), lamppost, cables, fluorescent lights and electric control system among which the transmission part (two transmission belt) driven by several 0.75kw stepless variable motors.the lergth be 100m longers
Each glazing line includes:

  1. C belt glazing line                1 set
  2. Metal frame structure furnished with pulley, belts (standard model or other ) and safety device. The transmission system included a set of driven pulley, belt pulley, driving belt and motor with a safety casing.

  3. 90°curve                      2 sets
  4. Consists of round belt, supporting components, fixed belt pulley, free belt pulley, guide rail, motors, chain wheel and safety casing.

  5. Spacing Device                   1 set
  6. Horizontal storage system making the tiles moving in a regular speed. It can be installed at the starting position of the glazing line where the tiles are manual feed by the workers. It avoid any unnecessary space between tiles and keep them in a certain distance in between.

  7. Brushing Device                  1 set
  8. To clean the tile surface completely. Consists of upper and lower brush, motor and guide. Power: 0.24kw

  9. Air Blower                          1 set
  10. To blow out the dust from the tile surface through the blowing port. Power:0.24kw

  11. Double-Disk Glaze Cabin      2 sets
  12. Furnished with a glaze channel, a glaze collector, belt type scraper, glaze pump and belt cleaning device. The glaze pump distributes glaze from the glaze tank to a glaze-tossing disk which is controlled by a flow rate control valve. The centrifugal force resulted from the high speed rotation of the disk atomizes the glaze and distribute onto the tile surface when they pass through. Power: 2.9kw

  13. Glaze Spraying Cabin           3 sets
  14. Provided with the transmission system, spraying gun, tubes, pumps, glaze collector, scrapers and belt cleaning device. Glaze is pumped from the glaze-feeding tank to the pressure regulators of one or several spraying guns. Because of the function of pressure, the glaze is sprayed onto the tile while they passing through. Different spraying results could be obtained by adjusting compressed air pressure and the spraying nozzles. Power:2.2kw.

  15. Waterfall Glazing Bell           2 sets
  16. Furnished with supports, upright posts, mirror surface casing bell, filter screen and glaze collecting device. The glaze is naturally poured from the funnel above into the overflow slot of the glaze-showering machine. And the overflowing glaze is evenly showered upon the tile surface like a waterfall.

  17. Wet system Scraping unit    2 sets
  18. Furnished with 2 sets of 0.11kw motors. It cleans the remaining glaze at the edge of the tile.

  19. 90°Turning Device        1 set
  20. Consists of two belt running machine with different speed to turn the tile by 90°.

  21. Glaze Pump                5 sets
  22. Furnished with a stirrer and a 0.75kw motor. It can pump the glaze from the tank completely. This device is of a self-cleaning type. The driving device of the pump is made of casting pig iron and is lined with anti-abrasive rubber.

  23. Glaze Tank                         5 sets
  24. Furnished with a stirrer and a 0.75kw motor.

  25.   Alumine Engobing Device      1 set
  26. Furnished with a pump and a plastic slip slot. The glaze pump the alumine cat out from the slip slot and sends it to the rotating rollers in order to form a thin coating on the bottom of the tile. This prevents the tile from touching the ceramic rollers directly