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Biscuit Firing Kiln of Roof tile making machine

Biscuit Firing Kiln (Length:90.4m, Inner width:2350mm)

The machine is made use of the whole set of Italian technology, drawings and controlling programs. It perform high speed firing of ceramic product within a wide range of firing cycle.
The kiln structure consists of : Pre Kiln, Chimney, Pre Heating, Firing, Rapid Cooling, Slow Cooling and Final Cooling Section. It is composed of panels of ceramic fiber pressed at multiple layers, with the hot face layer made of fiber resistant till 1100â„? Roof tile making machine.

Pre-Heating, Pre-firing, Firing & Rapid Cooling Section.

Special hooks of steel AISI 310 support a set of blocks of insulating material with a thickness of 230mm. This first layer supports different plates .25mm/each, of fiber to resistant high temperatures; over this layer, in order to complete the insulation, there is a layer of 10 cm of loose fiber.

Roof tile making machine.

Chimney, Pre kiln, Slow and Final Cooling Section

In the part over the rollers, the walls are made of plates of pressed ceramic fiber which is fixer to the walls through stainless steel hooks. The roller pass through the kiln walls by means of roller blocks made of insulating/refractory material resistant up to 1400� The last cooling zone is the only one which hasn’t consists of these roller holders, where the larger gap permit the air circulation such that the residual heat possessed by the material can disperse more easily. The wall at the interior art are replaced by and insulating brick layer which permit firmly support of the holder blocks.

Roof tile making machine.

Pre-firing Zone

The insulating thickness is obtained with a layer of 230mm of insulating bricks and two pressed fiber panels of 50 mm/each in the zone in protect with the external metallic structure.
The wall structure is separated by the row of roller holding block: the small gap between the rollers and the roller holders are closed from loose fibers pressed manually such that a perfect heat insulation can be performed.

Firing Zone

The wall construction is same as the one provided for the pre-firing zone with a layer of insulating bricks of thickness 230mm. The cool side is made of pressed fibers plates, it is composed of 6 panels thickness 25 mm/each, for a total of 150mm, this guarantees a perfect thermo insulation on these zones which are the one with the highest temperature.Roof tile making machine.
Also in this section the small gap between the rollers and the roller holders are closed by loose pressed fibers.